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                   HRMT20024 Term 3 2017 - Assessment 3

                               Report on
Managing and retaining staff

Assessment Task

Throughout the term, we have
discussed news stories and the HR implications arising from these


For assessment 3, you will write a
report as if you were a consultant to an organisation. You will

write about one of the three news
stories on Moodle (i.e. one on penalty rates, one on gender

equality, and one
on performance and rewards), identifying the problem, analyzing it in terms
of the

relevant theory and literature, and
provide practical solutions.

You must draw on the material
relating to Strategic HRM (Week 1) as well as material from 2-3

themes from Weeks 6 to Week 11 (i.e.
employee relations challenges, managing diversity,

performance management, learning and
development, motivation and rewards, and employee

turnover and retention).

You should engage in extensive
research within the academic literature to develop an argument

with appropriate theoretical
discussion and references. You must
cite at least ten

relevant peer reviewed journal articles
. You can cite other academic
references such as

books, conference papers, and book
chapters but these will NOT be counted as part of the 10

journal articles.


contains the name of the report, who prepared the report, for whom the report


was prepared, the nature of the
report, the date the report was prepared.

summary (ideally be approx. 50-100 words):
The executive summary is a one

page (or less) statement of a report’s
purpose, findings and recommendations, enabling the

reader to see the "big
picture" without getting absorbed in technicalities.

Table of
List the page numbers for headings and sub headings of the report.

(approx. 200 words):
introduction consists of two or three paragraphs in

which the aims, structure and
methodology of the report are outlined. It states clearly the

purpose or main task of the report
and what the reader can expect. Please include a thesis

statement that clearly mentions the
main purpose of the report and your argument.

Body of
report with Headings and Subheadings
(approx. 1500 words): The main body of the

report should be structured into
logical sections by topic, using headings to organise arguments

and evidence.

(approx. 250 words):
conclusion is a brief section in which the writer analyses

the significance of the report's
findings and reiterates the main points of the report. These

findings must derive logically from
material presented in the report. A generalisation is then

drawn from the specific findings of
the research. New information is not included in the


Reference List is a listing of all external resources that were consulted and

mentioned during research for the
report, and information from which is directly referred to in the

text of the report. It is strongly
recommended to avoid secondary referencing in assessments.

Read the references before mentioning
in reference list.

APA referencing.  For more information, see :

Creating a consistent and
professional looking document is important and demonstrates that you

have taken care with the work.
Ideally, use a simple font such as Times New Roman 12 for the

body of the paper, 1.5 spacing, and
bold 14 point for major headings and bold 12 point for minor


All assessments must be submitted through
the Moodle site. No email submissions will be

accepted. All assessments submitted
electronically through Moodle must be through the Student


Failure to submit electronically will be taken as a failure to submit

and therefore a zero (0) score will
apply to the specific assessment.


Copy detection software (TurnitIn) is
used in this course and work found in contravention of the

copying and plagiarism rules will be
investigated. Penalties apply in the case of proven

instances of copying, plagiarism and
academic dishonesty.

Please check the following links to
know more about TurnitIn:

TurnitIn is only a tool and judgement
needs to be used when you view your Originality Report.

TurnitIn does not make a judgement as
to what is referenced properly, it highlights the non-

original material in a piece of work.
You should use the similarity score as a guide only and must

then check the originality report to
determine whether or not changes need to be made to the



Students must familiarise themselves
with the following policies and procedures at Assessment of Coursework Policy; Assessment of Coursework

Principles; Assessment of Coursework

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